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    The main activities of the article (Shenzhen Grand Canyon tour)
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    The company staff in Shenzhen Oct 1 (Department of Building & a journey)
    Southern autumn is warm, less Northland full tree leaves and the autumn wind blows, the summer heat away from the wind, let people feel comfortable and pleasant. Shenzhen is a beautiful city, especially with so much only one step away, but let imitate such as you have never met a good place, in line with your aesthetic, beyond your expectation.

    To enrich their cultural life, let the staff in the busy work in mental and physical pleasure, return to nature, strengthen exchanges and communication between colleagues, to promote unity and cooperation, October 24, instruments and vertical instrument brothers jointly organized a Shenzhen Eastern overseas Chinese town tour activities.

    24 early in the morning, all the staff of the two companies are focused on time at the factory gate, yet has been discussed in the jubilant tourist trip, not conceal the excitement.
    8 bus arrived at the factory gate, we ordered. In the car, our tour guide Xiao Yi. In order to do a bit of digital game warm up the atmosphere, then is our games draw link hello. Is everyone's looking forward to link, the prize is very rich, eat drink.

    Traffic and weather as beautiful, smooth all the way, less than two hours of time, we went to the objective local overseas Chinese town, to the destination first thing is certainly to large photo Hello, then is a variety of self, in tune, King shot...

    Heroes valley ecological park to "man and nature" as the theme, entertainment oriented, point like happy valley, a mountainous country parks and urban theme park in one, mainly including the five theme areas water park, fjord forests, harefield Town, ecological Canyon and the sea of clouds heights.

    After lunch is from the time, some colleagues had rushed to play mobile games run.
    During the visit, everyone jubilant and full of emotion, the hands of the camera mobile phone is making a stop. To see is the endless blue sky and white clouds, towards the distant look, one shuttle in the cable car in midair, colorful, very attractive to the eye. The way we view, a joke, a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere.
    Afterglow falls, a day of activities in everyone's laughter in the end, through this event, the employee of the company realized the importance of unity and cooperation, to narrow the distance between each other, hope in the future work life we can help each other, solidarity.