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    KJ-6030 initial viscosity testing machine
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    Meet the standards: CNS-11888 GB/T 4852 (B), PSTC-7
    KJ-6030 tape initial adhesion testing machine widely used in adhesive tape, protective film, adhesive sticker, foam, adhesive, etc. products industries. Initial viscosity testing machine is the will of a specified size ball rolled over the inclined grooves and measuring the adhesive on the horizontal plate rolling adhesion surface distance to evaluate the initial tack size.

    Technical parameters of KJ-6030 initial viscosity testing machine:
    Angle: 20 degrees 30 '
    Rolling ball: 7/16 "(14")
    Machine size: 250 x 70 x 65cm
    KJ-6030 initial viscosity testing machine instructions:
    A, use:
    The sticky tape test products tries, but design of experiment method, the steel ball rolling adhesion ball number to determine product stickiness.
    Two, design standards: GB/T 4852 (A), PSTC-7
    Three, operation method:
    1 desktop machine on a stable level, and adjust the level of.
    2 cutting test piece
    Note: the specimen cut width 10-15mm, length of 400mm at least 4 pieces, such as the sample elongation is larger, should be the first test piece for a period of time after the test.
    4 to clean the steel ball on the tee in the pliers.
    5 open the gate so that ball rolling down naturally.
    6 measurements in the horizontal rolling plate on the adhesive tape sticky on the surface of the distance to evaluate the initial viscosity size.
    Four, the matters needing attention:
    1 the machine level should be maintained and stable.
    2 test and test after cleaning to the steel ball.
    The 3 ball test if you need the same number of ball test again, but also on the ball for cleaning and wiping.
    4 after the completion of the test to the ball. From time to time in the box spray antirust oil.
    5 please operated by professional staff, to avoid improper use.
    Five, maintenance:
    1 please clean cotton cloth to wipe maintenance, such as residue left on the glass please rinse with alcohol and wipe clean.
    2 after use should be clean and maintenance.

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